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About Moor Electronics. .  .
Moor Electronics Inc. is a company specializing  in marine instrumentation and electronic assembly. Moor was founded in 1987 as a service  center for Electro Marine Systems (EMS) instrumentation. Moor has grown through the years to become a full line manufacturer. Our company currently manufactures sailing  instruments, fishing/trolling instruments and does contract assembly work for other  companies.

We at Moor would like to assure our customers of our commitment to produce only the finest product at reasonable prices and to provide prompt service if anything might happen in the course of its use. Customer satisfaction is the standard which Moor Electronics judges itself as a manufacturer of marine/electronics equipment. Consistent high quality is the foundation of our philosophy. Specifically, we give a full one-year warranty on all of our products and provide a complete service and parts department to assure you of a sound investment now and in the future.

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