Moor Marine Sailboat instruments!

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Moor Electronics is pleased to present its EMS line of high quality marine instruments!

Our engineering and technical staff have over 25 years experience in the design and manufacture of electronic marine equipment. Our company is dedicated to the idea that instruments can be produced with reliability, accuracy, and economy. Fits 4" Round Holes.

Our Line-up includes 2 models of knotmeters, the U25K Analog and the LKD Digital - The LDC Digital Depth Sounder - The CAPW Apparent Wind with Digital Windspeed - The API Apparent Wind Instrument - The WSI Windspeed Instrument.

We at Moor would like to assure our customers of our commitment to produce only the very finest equipment at reasonable prices and to provide prompt service if anything should happen in the course of its use. Specifically, we give a full one year limited warranty on all of our products and provide a complete service and parts department, to assure you of a sound investment both now and in the future.

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Moor CAPW Apparent Wind Digital Windspeed
Moor API Apparent Wind Instrument
Moor WSI Windspeed Instrument
Apparent Wind
Digital WindSpeed
Apparent Wind


All Wind Instruments come complete with
corrosion resistance sensors, cables, and connectors

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Moor LKD Digital Knotmeter
Moor U25K Analog Knotmeter
Digital Knotmeter
Analog Knotmeter


All knot meter units come complete ready to
install, with removable thru-hull transmitters 


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Moor LDC Digital Depth Sounder
LDC Digital Depth Sounder


The Depth Unit comes complete ready to
install with a removeable thru-hull transducer


Apparent Wind Mast
Combination Apparent Wind / Windspeed Mast
Windspeed Cups Mounting
Long Stem Transducer

Case Mounting Diagram

Thru-hull Mount
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Speed Transmitter Location

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