Moor Instruments Installation Diagrams!

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Apparent Wind Mast Casemount Diagram
Combination App Wind/Windspeed Mast Thru-Hull Mounting 1
Windspeed Cups Mounting  Thru-Hull Mounting 2
Long-Stem Transducer Speed Transmitter Location


Apparent Wind Mast

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Moor Apparent Wind Mast


Combination Apparent Wind/Windspeed Mast

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Apparent Wind/Windspeed Mast


Windspeed Cups Mounting

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Moor Windspeed Cups


Long-Stem Transducer

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Moor Long-Stem Transducer


Case Mounting Diagram

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Moor Casemount Diagram


Thru-Hull Mount 1

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Moor Thru-Hull Mount 1


Thru-Hull Mount 2

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Moor Thru-Hull Mount 2


Speed Transmitter Location

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Moor Speed Transmitter Location