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The right speed, lure looks like food.
The wrong speed, spells danger!

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Just ask Captain John Oravec, In-Fishermans Great  Lakes Consultant. "I use the Sub-Troll 900 daily to read subsurface currents &  temperatures. You just set your boat speed for your lures optimal speed and just start  catching the fish".

For a long time it's been known that lure  speed control plays a very important part in downrigger fishing. That's why all fishing lures have an effective speed range of operation. Many of us find a lure that will run hot in one direction, and then it runs cold, no new hits. Why? The lure is no longer operating within its effective speed range. If just one lure is not operating at the proper speed,  it can effect ones that are operating at their effective speed. Trollers should be aware, that not all water currents are over a large area and just on the surface. Some water  currents are small and narrow far below the boat. For instance if your surface speed reads  2 mph and your lures are in a facing current of 1.5 mph. Your lure speed is only .5 mph.  This wouldn't be an acceptable speed if you were running a lure that was designed to work  in the 2-mph range.

Different species of game fish prefer  different temperature ranges. Your ability to find and monitor these zones is the key to consistent fishing success.

Moor Electronics has solved this problem,  with the Sub-Troll 900 (ST-900). The ST-900 gives you both speed and temperature where you  need it most, at the lure. Moor has engineered this system to install easily on any downrigger, even while your boat is afloat.

This patented system allows you to monitor the speed of the  lure - not the speed of the boat. You know immediately if under water currents are  affecting the lure's action. You also monitor changes in temperature right where it's  happening, at the lure.

The ST-900 consists of only three  interacting parts. The display readout, the antenna, and the sending unit. The sending unit attaches to the downrigger cable and transmits a signal to the antenna mounted on the downrigger boom. From the antenna the signal is sent to the display through a cable. There  is no physical contact between the sending unit and the display readout. The readout may  be installed up to 25 feet from the downrigger.

The ST-900 is the only system available  that does not require transducers or grounding rods. Because the ST-900 uses a radio  signal for the transmission of information, you eliminate bothersome problems associated  with sonar type systems. The 9-volt battery will last up to a full season and, no  interference with sonar or other electronics on the boat (see note below). But most important, a constant reading on the display, even in choppy lake conditions.

The ST-900 underwater sending unit automatically turns its transmitter off when removed from the water. This insures that the 9-volt battery will  remain ready for your next fishing trip. While trolling after dark, the ST-900  Illuminating displays make easy work of controlling the speed and temperature. The ST-900  display requires 12 volts to operate.

ST-900 Color Boat

ST-900 Advantages

  • Moor has been a leader in trolling Instruments for over 27 years
  • The Sub-Troll 900 has 20 years proven "in the field" reliability.
  • Many companies have sold Sub-Troll style units, only to go out of business a few years later leaving customers with no support.
  • Reads to depths of 200ft.
  • No Transducer Required
  • Easy to read at a glance dial.
  • Easy to install, mounts on any downrigger.
  • Highly visible speed display
  • Several mounting methods of display readout.
  • Paddle wheel specifically designed for slow speed, more than double the blade size of competitors.
  • Fast temperature response time (2X faster when compared to competitors unit).
  • Probe "O" ring seal designed to hold out 1500psi
  • Automatic on/off when unit enters the water.
  • Battery life in probe 160 hours.

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All trolling models include Surface Mounting Pod or may be Flush Panel Mounted.

Additional Sub-Troll 900 Info

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The Sub-Troll 900 is the only unit on the market that has a speed paddle wheel that was designed for slow speed applications. Our paddle wheel has 2 � times the surface area to reveal small variances in the currents.  In slow currents our paddle wheel will continue to work long after our competitor's has stopped spinning. The paddle wheel that they use is a off the shelf item that was not designed to be used for slow speed trolling. It's the same paddle wheel used in your surface speed unit and we all know how well they work at speeds below 3 mph.

In doing a side by side test with our competitors unit, the temperature response time of the Sub-Troll 900 is 2 times faster. When the speed was dropped to 0 mph, the Sub-Troll 900 temperature response was 5 times faster for the same temperature drop.

Many customers have express concerns about stories they have heard of water damage to probes from leaking. We have been making probes for over 20 years now and yes we did have leaking problems back in the early 90's, just like all the companies that have ever made probes. But leaking probes on our units are a thing of the very distant past.  Every probe we manufacture is pressure tested for a full 24 hrs before it ships to you.  The "O" ring seal on the probe is designed to hold out 1500psi of pressure.  The most pressure you'll see in the use of this product on the Great Lakes is 100psi.

Some of our competitors have been making statements that are untrue and misleading and I would like to respond with some facts and clarifications. In advertising one of our competitors states that "they have the smallest probe on the market". They then have there pro-staffers tell or write that because they have the smallest probe, they have less drag. Our competitors probe is slightly shorter than the SUB-TROLL 900 probe; however the cross section diameter profile is virtually the same. Drag resistance through the water is much more dependent on this cross section profile than it is by length. We recently tested both probes side by side on Lake Ontario and observed no distinctive difference in blowback.

ST-900 Digital or Analog

For the most part, our company prefers analog to digital displays. The reason is that you typically want to see quickly what isn't the case (too fast, too slow), rather than what exactly is the case (10 mph, 3225 RPM, 6.3 gallons).  There is an exception to this, temperature which does not change real fast or allows the space for such a dial instrument.

Moor finds that with analog instruments efficiency is their main asset, the spread of the radial numbers against which a clearly visible arm moves across is the best device to date for displaying speed.  Being able to establish range (+/-) and see the present speed on the instrument is very easy.

Digital instruments are great for accurately displaying a precise measurement that does not change rapidly.  Analog gauges are much better for displaying data were not only the current results are important, but equally important is the direction and rate of change.  Position, direction of change, and rate of change are very important on speedometers and analog gauges are inherently much better at displaying those things. Look at the automotive, aviation, and marine instrument panels, they are largely analog even though digital display technology has been around for quite some time and is very economical today. Some auto manufactures have offered digital speedometers in the past, but the trend never caught on. It it's no accident that today nearly all new vehicles still come with analog gauges

How often have you tried to use your digital speedometer on your graph for trolling, the reading are all over the place (2.0 � 1.6 �. 2.2 �.1.9 �. 2.4).  Those digital instruments are giving a precise measurement at that time. A boats speed changes to rapidly due to wind and wave for digital instruments to give a stable reading, especially at slow trolling speed. 

The best advantage to analog instruments like the Sub-Troll 900 is ease of view. The Sub-Troll 900 can be read from almost anywhere on the boat.  Most digital instruments, reading the display in the direct sunlight is next to impossible. With the Sub-Troll 900 you can always read the display, no matter how bright the sun is.

Sub Troll Technology

The SUB-TROLL 900 system was originally designed in the late 1980's. Since then we have made numerous upgrades and improvements to both the product and the manufacturing process to further improve its performance and reliability. For nearly two decades our product has proven to be a valuable tool for thousands of satisfied downrigger fisherman. Over that same time several other manufactures have introduced speed and temp products using various other technologies which have come and gone, never living up to their customers expectations. Moor Electronics was the first to use a radio frequency (RF) signal. Today we continue to use this "80's" technology for one simple reason. IT WORKS! In fact it works so well that it is now being copied by at least two other manufactures (see note below).

If it is true that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery then I guess I should extend my appreciation to these other manufactures for their endorsement of our '80's technology" design as the proven best technology to date for making Speed and Temperature at the Lure available to downrigger fishermen. We at Moor have known this for a long time. Our two decades of experience producing and supporting the SUB-TROLL 900, while other products have come and gone leaving their owners with truly "obsolete" equipment is one thing that simply cannot be copied. We stand behind our products 100% and will continue to do so well into the future.

Note - Moor can not 100% warranty that no other product will not cause issues with its products.  If you own a Garmin TR1 contact Moor before purchase.